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It has been a very hard decision but I have recently decided that it is time to rehome my breeding trio.  This is very sad to me as I haven't even yet been able to have a litter from them.  I had to get a new male breeder about a year ago and due to timing and many obstacles having a litter of piglets has just not worked out.  And now my parents will be moving homes and I will be going off to college in the fall.  

It is very important to me that these three go to great homes that will take great care of them.  I am hoping to sell all three of them to the same person in order to keep the great breeding trio I have put together.  The three include two micro mini sisters that I have had since they were 8 weeks old and will turn 3 on May 19.  For unspayed females of that age they are absolutely tiny and are so based on their genetics and not underfeeding.  I got my male about a year ago and he is just over 2 years old and is also incredibly small.  Winston is a Juliana pig and I payed $2500 for him last year from a breeder in Florida.  I am asking $3500 for the three of them.  

All three of them are litter box trained.  We use a pine pellet litter that I buy from Murdochs.  They all have the same diet as well.  In the morning and evening they eat Mazuri Active Adult pellet feed mixed with oats and get two servings of vegetables throughout the day.  They live in a heated barn that they are in when it is cold and always at night and when weather permits (60 degrees or higher) they have outdoor runs that they go out in.   Because they are breeding pigs they really need their own structure and area and I do not reccomend keeping them in a house.  I am hoping whoever they go to will have a similar structure to keep them in.  They are also all in their own separate pens.  

For more information and pictures of the breeding trio please visit the parents page.   

 Please email me at if serious and I will also be happy to give you a call.